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iAPFree | March 12, 2018

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Clash of Clans v5.113.2 Hack

What’s New in Clash of Clans Version 5.113.2

Winter is here
– Enjoy the snowy sights, sounds and hunt for elusive jingle-bearing trees
– Limited time special defense: Santa Strike! Call in an air strike of explosive presents (but what is inside the boxes?)

Reworked Inferno Tower is hotter than ever
– Brand new multiple target mode launches a blazing web of flames against several troops at once, but the flames will not charge up in this mode
– Troops targeted by the Inferno Tower are no longer able to be healed. Use multiple target mode to seriously hinder healing reliant armies
– Switch between the classic single target or new multiple target mode at any time
– Inferno Tower level 3 will help keep you warm this Winter

Revamped looting
– Percentage of loot available now decreases based on defender’s town hall level
– Maximum amount of loot available now increases based on defender’s town hall level
– Loot bonus when attacking opponents at higher town hall levels has been removed
– Check out the Clash of Clans forum for much more information about these changes!

Interface and feature improvements
– Clash is now fully localized in Korean!
– Village Edit Mode: New base layouts in-progress will be automatically saved and resumed if the game restarts
– Added “Training capacity” to barracks info and upgrade screens
– Unarmed traps are now indicated a by a smoke effect instead of text bubbles
– Arabic text input has been improved

Balance tweaks
– Decreased the attack range of Inferno Towers from 10 to 9 tiles
– Decreased the cost of the Inferno Tower level 2 upgrade
– Slightly increased damage of level 4 Dragons
– Slightly increased HP and damage of level 6 Giants

Many more bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements

Clash of Clans hack

*********** Hack 1 **************


– Jailbreak only

Hack Features:

-Keep Alive
-Sandbox Attack

Download: here 

What does the Hack do?

->Sandbox attack gives you unlimited chances to simulate attacks when you visit a village. (Disable the auto searching when using this Hack)
->Keep Alive lets you always stay connected to the game, you will still be able to be attacked even if the Game is not running.
(Server disconnects you though if you are online-inactive for a long period of time)

Hack instructions:

1 – Download the File
2 – Put it on your iDevice
3 – Click on it using iFile and choose ‘Installer’
4 – After Installation, go to Preferences / Settings App and choose your Hacks
5 – Done. HF

Credits: Jack

*********** Hack 2 **************

Hack features:

– Jailbreak & no Jailbreak

– Lowest Amount to buy Any Resourse (Read Notes for more info)

Hack requirements:
– Either iDevice

Download: here or here

Hack instructions:
1. Download from one of the links above
2. Place the file inside /var/mobile/Applications/Clash of Clans/Documents/updated/
3. Enjoy

– This is mainly for people who have around 50,000 Storage or more but doesnt have enough gems and need a little bit of any resource fast
– You’re suppose to go to Shop Then Treasure and click on the 10% (Important: you are not paying for 10% you will be paying for the 1% which that will be what you’ll get 1% not 10%)

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