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iAPFree | March 12, 2018

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iapfree not working on iOS 7? Here is the solution

After evasi07 hit the internet and most of you have updated to iOS 7 and got your device jailbroken. I bet the first thing you wanted to do was get iapfree installed. Somehow, you found out that iapfree is not working on iOS 7, but after a few tests, I have already told you that iafree is compatible with iOS 7 and it’s working fine. However, many of you still commented on our Facebook page or emailed me saying that iapfree is not working on iOS 7. So here comes the solution for you to fix iapfree not working on iOS 7 problem. Special thanks to Marco van der Valk and Ahmed Salah.

iapfree for iOS 7

1. First, you of course need to download iapfree v4.0.1 and iapfree 2.0.3 core plugin or in-app purchase plugin pack, click here to download.

2. Head over to Cydia on your device.

3. Search “mobilesubtrate Fix” (28-12-13)

4. Install the package then respring or reboot your device.

5. Follow the instructions on our iapfree download page to install iapfree v4.0.1 and core plugin properly. If you have already installed iapfree, you can skip the following steps.

6. Don’t forget to reboot your device after installation.

7. Done. Enjoy iapfree for iOS 7.

Please note that iapfree is not working on in-app purchases of all games/apps. And iapfree currently is not support 64 bit devices (iPhone 5s,iPad Air,iPad mini with retina display)

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