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iAPFree | March 12, 2018

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Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.8.1 Hack

What’s New in Minecraft – Pocket Edition Version 0.8.1

Get ready for the biggest update yet! We hope you enjoy it!

– Many fixes for multiplayer and Realms

– Minecarts, rails, and powered rails!
– The view distance has been massively increased. Check the options menu for more!
– New textures and colours taken directly from the PC version
– New blocks: carpets, more wood types, hay bales, iron bars, and more
– New crops and food types, including beetroot, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins. Now you can cook new soups, pies, and more!
– A bunch of new items for Creative and Survival, including clocks and compasses
– More blocks and items to use in Creative Mode: including jungle wood, ice, bedrock, shears, dyes, and tall grass
– New AI: mobs are now more intelligent and you can even breed your own animals
– A new Creative Mode inventory with tabs
– New functionality and tweaks to existing blocks and items. Bonemeal lets you grow new cool stuff!
– Improved lighting and fog effects
– Loads of bugs fixed, and possibly some added. 🙂

Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.8.1 hack

-“libstubhook” Package from bigboss repo

– 0.8.1

Hack Features:
– Health Hack (does not work for 64bit – iphone 5s – iPad Air – iPad Mini 2)
– Speed Hack (choosable)
– Item Hack (collect a Block or meat or something to get 99)
– Block Harvester (watch the video)
– Flying Enabled in Survival (does not work for 64bit – iphone 5s – iPad Air – iPad Mini 2)
– Super Explode (instead of destroying blocks it explodes the area around)
– Mobs attack themselves
– Super Jump (2.0) (does not work for 64bit – iphone 5s – iPad Air – iPad Mini 2)

1 – Download the File
2 – Put it on your iDevice
3 – Click on it in iFile and choose ‘Installer’
4 – After installation go to your Preference App and customize the Hacks
5 – Done! Enjoy!


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